Predictive Models – Risks and Benefits

      Predictive models are used throughout the financial services industry to help make more accurate decisions in the face of uncertainty. From fraud detection through to credit scoring and quantitative trading systems, predictive models are employed in large numbers to aid decision making. Various factors such as big data, more powerful and cheaper […]

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10+ Free Social Network Analysis Tools

Cuttlefish runs on UNIX systems and employs many well known layout algorithms for visualization. It supports interactive manipulation of layout and process visualization. Cytoscape is used for social network, biological, semantic web and general network analysis. It supports Apps which extend the functionality in areas such as new layouts, file format support and scripting. A very sophisticated […]


10 Enterprise Customer Analytics Solutions

All these solutions to customer analytics are fit for large scale enterprise needs. 11Ants Analytics solution is specific to retail, the rest address multiple industries. Here is a very brief summary of these offerings with a rating for overall quality (11Ants is excluded from ratings because of its vertical focus): Agilis   - lots of experience with […]

Popular Alternatives

SAS BI vs Tableau

SAS BI is a wholly different beast to Tableau. SAS supplies arguably the most sophisticated analytics platform on the planet, should someone need that level of capability. However it is fairly top heavy, and not particularly easy to use. Tableau on the other hand is fairly limited in functionality, but very easy to use. They […]


5+ Alternatives to Tableau Desktop and Server

Tableau Desktop and Server provide individual and enterprise data visualization platforms. It is not the most sophisticated platform and can run out of steam for more demanding requirements. Here are several alternatives worth considering. QlikView BI platform has the ability to be all things to all people, and will satisfy business users, developers and enterprise needs. […]


5+ Alternatives to SAP Business Objects

SAP Business Objects is a natural, albeit expensive, choice for many SAP users. However there are alternatives and the list below is a good selection of candidates, with suitability implied in the order – although individual requirements obviously vary. IBM Cognos is a large, sprawling suite of BI tools and infrastructure best suited to the needs […]

4 Alternatives to IBM Cognos

While IBM Cognos comes in various shapes and sizes depending on the needs and size of the organization, in reality the BI and analytics platform is best suited to large corporations – other, and possibly better options exist for many other businesses. One only has to consider the modules offered under the Cognos umbrella to […]

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Semantria Review

Semantria’s cloud-based sentiment analysis API is powered by Lexalytics Salience (a highly regarded text analytics engine), and applies Text and Sentiment Analysis to tweets, facebook posts, surveys, reviews or enterprise content. It is the only Text and Sentiment Analysis solution for Excel and features entity extraction, categorization and sentiment analysis. All features are available in […]


ConveyAPI Review

ConveyAPI™ is a simple to use REST web service that provides programmatic access to a powerful text analytics engine. It utilizes natural language processing, statistical modeling and machine learning techniques to return content-specific annotations. There are four out-of-the-box classifiers available to measure the following qualities within text: Sentiment - Understand whether authors’ comments are positive, negative […]


Aylien Review

Aylien provides an API for text analytics, a filtered news stream, publisher tools (web publishing) in the shape of a news ticker and posting of content to various social apps, and finally consumer products for filtering content and setting up a profile to be used in social apps. Obviously it is the API that will […]