Enterprise Predictive Analytics Comparisons 2014

  Predictive analytics is concerned with trawling through historical data to find useful patterns which might be used in the future. As such it employs data mining techniques to find the patterns, and once found and verified they are applied via some scoring mechanism, where each new event is scored in some way (e.g. new loan […]

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5+ Free Mac Statistics Software Packages

G*Power is a tool to compute statistical power analyses for many different t tests, F tests, χ2 tests,z tests and some exact tests. G*Power can also be used to compute effect sizes and to display graphically the results of power analyses. MacAnova has many capabilities but its strengths are analysis of variance and related models, matrix algebra, time series analysis (time and […]


20+ Requirements Management Tools

Requirements management is the process of documenting, analyzing, tracing, prioritizing and agreeing on requirements and then controlling change and communicating to relevant stakeholders. It is a continuous process throughout a project. – WikiPedia Agile Manager by HP – SaaS based tool with support for planing, collaboration and tracking. Blueprint – visually driven requirements software. CA […]

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5+ Alternatives to Tableau Desktop and Server

Tableau Desktop and Server provide individual and enterprise data visualization platforms. It is not the most sophisticated platform and can run out of steam for more demanding requirements. Here are several alternatives worth considering. QlikView BI platform has the ability to be all things to all people, and will satisfy business users, developers and enterprise needs. […]


5+ Alternatives to SAP Business Objects

SAP Business Objects is a natural, albeit expensive, choice for many SAP users. However there are alternatives and the list below is a good selection of candidates, with suitability implied in the order – although individual requirements obviously vary. IBM Cognos is a large, sprawling suite of BI tools and infrastructure best suited to the needs […]

4 Alternatives to IBM Cognos

While IBM Cognos comes in various shapes and sizes depending on the needs and size of the organization, in reality the BI and analytics platform is best suited to large corporations – other, and possibly better options exist for many other businesses. One only has to consider the modules offered under the Cognos umbrella to […]

4 Alternatives to SAS

SAS is a long established supplier of analytical tools used in many of the world’s largest corporations. In recent years the cost of SAS technology has received some negative comment, and so here are four alternatives. Some might question whether R is a real alternative, but the acrimony that exists between SAS and R communities […]

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JReport Review

JReport is a disarmingly straightforward BI environment capable of addressing the needs of large and medium size organizations. It is well regarded for the flexibility of the architecture and its support for the embedding of BI components into mainstream applications. Ease of use features high, and the ad-hoc reporting environment is both powerful and highly […]


Nevron Vision for SSRS

Nevron Vision is an advanced chart report system for SSRS 2005, 2008, 2008R2 and 2012. The suite is comprised of Chart and Gauge. Chart features 2D/3D charting types and an advanced axis model (multiple axes, axis docking and crossings, XML formatted titles, timeline support, automatic-crossable scale brakes in 2D and 3D, gridlines, ticks, stripes, sections, […]


Microsoft BI Review

Microsoft BI products are used by thousands of organizations as a sort of default. They have Windows and Office after all and so it might seem a logical progression to step further into the Microsoft software labyrinth. In reality Microsoft BI products are not all that easy to use, but they are fairly inexpensive, scale […]