Big Data – Fool’s Gold

Machine learning can be viewed as a sophisticated form of search – searching through billions of combinations of variables, variable values, algorithm parameters and data selections to find useful patterns. Now many of the patterns a machine learning algorithm will identify are simply ‘accidents’ of the data, with no counterpart in reality. These phantoms in […]

Big Analytics


Actian Review

Positioning: Actian knows a thing or two about big data, and for over thirty years has provided database management systems that consistently outperform most of the competitors. And so when big data became fashionable Actian already had a head start, and has become the bedrock of big data analytics in many large corporations. While most […]


The Business of Big Data in Under 5 Minutes

The economic driver – rapidly falling data acquisition costs (from web sites, customer feedback, social data etc), and so we accumulate much more data for a lower cost. Big data addresses data volumes, data variety and data processing speeds. Any one of these will qualify, and so big data does not have to be ‘big’! […]


Big Data Analytics Strategy

    The starting point in a big analytics strategy has to be business need. This means that management has identified areas of business activity that might benefit from more accurate and efficient decisions. As such there is a need to coordinate investments so that these aims are achieved, with efforts to acquire relevant data, […]


Big Analytics Case Studies

    From looking at various successful case studies where big analytics have been employed, it is clear that success depends on a good understanding and definition of the business problem, and the ability to embrace a wide variety of relevant data sources, which might be quite diverse in nature. Predictive models then need to […]

Popular Alternatives

SAS BI vs Tableau

SAS BI is a wholly different beast to Tableau. SAS supplies arguably the most sophisticated analytics platform on the planet, should someone need that level of capability. However it is fairly top heavy, and not particularly easy to use. Tableau on the other hand is fairly limited in functionality, but very easy to use. They […]


5+ Alternatives to Tableau Desktop and Server

Tableau Desktop and Server provide individual and enterprise data visualization platforms. It is not the most sophisticated platform and can run out of steam for more demanding requirements. Here are several alternatives worth considering. QlikView BI platform has the ability to be all things to all people, and will satisfy business users, developers and enterprise needs. […]


5+ Alternatives to SAP Business Objects

SAP Business Objects is a natural, albeit expensive, choice for many SAP users. However there are alternatives and the list below is a good selection of candidates, with suitability implied in the order – although individual requirements obviously vary. IBM Cognos is a large, sprawling suite of BI tools and infrastructure best suited to the needs […]

4 Alternatives to IBM Cognos

While IBM Cognos comes in various shapes and sizes depending on the needs and size of the organization, in reality the BI and analytics platform is best suited to large corporations – other, and possibly better options exist for many other businesses. One only has to consider the modules offered under the Cognos umbrella to […]

New Reviews


Datapine Review

Most small and medium size businesses do not want the overhead of employing IT specialists or experts in business intelligence (BI) methods. Datapine has responded to this need by providing a cloud based service which makes the creation of charts, graphs and dashboards straightforward, so that business users can explore their data and display updated […]


SAP Predictive Analytics 2.0 Review

Positioning: SAP Predictive Analytics 2.0 will be of particular interest to existing SAP users, and combines SAP Predictive Analysis software and SAP InfiniteInsight. This makes it very suitable for customer focused analytics, and SAP clearly understands that creating the actual model is just a small part of the journey. To this end they provide extensive […]